Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Gorgeous TINY HOUSE Helps Family Start Over After Losing Job

Hey guys Jenna here and I'm back with another tiny house tour for you today in this week's video you're gon na meet a husband and wife who decided to downsize into a tiny house not only to obtain financial freedom, but also so that they can connect more With each other and with their young son, their tiny house is jam-packed full of amazing space savers and innovative multi-purpose furniture. So, let's explore how this alternative housing is working for them: [, Music, ], where the Mejia family - and this is our big casino. So before going tiny, we were both in corporate America. We were struggling to stay connected. We had a big mortgage living in an over 2000 square-foot home. It was one of those things that we never really got to see her son. We were both traveling quite a bit in the type of careers that we have and the company that I was working with got bought out and through that process I got laid off when he was laid off. We realized oh wow, there's a different way to live. Like we don't have to just be working, but obviously we had to then figure out. How do we still meet all our expenses and that's where the idea of minimizing and coming into a smaller space started. Mr. numbers, guy over here working in corporate finance, ran all the numbers and said wow. This would actually work out if I built this tiny house and do go this route, there's a lot that goes into a build and just from being able to figure out where you're gon na build it, and then the equipment that you're gon na have for it. You'Re, essentially, building a real foundation home is just on top of you know, on a trailer with no experience with no experience so going into that, and you know working 8 10 12 hours per day and building, and then you know still trying to maintain the communication That we have between us trying to save cost save caught. Yes, so there's obviously a lot that goes into that that you need to that. We had to consider and be able to figure out how we were gon na even go into that, because we knew that once we went tiny, every space needed to have an intentional use for it. One of the decisions in going tiny was trying to figure out how to live more intentionally, so we can be more prescient parents to our son present parents each other, and I don't think that we have realized how much of that was lacking lacking before and definitely Going tiny into a smaller space forces to rethink everything and to come down and sort of take more of one day at a time, and then that hasn't allowed us to extend that to other parts of our life: [, Music, ]. This is our tiny home. The Becca Sita it's 338 square feet and we've been living here now for almost two years. So this is our entry closet that we utilize on a daily basis and we keep here all our jackets. We keep here all our handy stuff, and here is our 4 inch stove. We love to cook. So we wanted to make sure that we had a four inch, though, and also we wanted to take advantage of the space here, either having it clear or being able to take advantage of the counter space over here instead of with a draught. We got this stove that has a downdraft it's able to just suck everything in it's very powerful and out and instead take a little bit of space on the bottom instead of up here on the top, and then we can keep that clear. And then here we have our sink. We also needed to have a big sink, because this is where I bathe my dog, and so he needed to fit, and this is actually one of my favorite pieces of the kitchen just because we were able to find this copper sink in this size that just Fit our dog perfectly with a big kitchen: we want it to be able to have a bigger size refrigerator than what you would normally find in tiny homes. On the left of our house is our dining area. We ended up building out the sitting area. On top of the wheel wells, so we would utilize that space, but the other great thing about our dining area that it's multi-use is that we can also utilize it as an island. So we can push this to the middle, and then this goes up. So we can go ahead and cook on it as well, and it's really just a desk that goes up and down that we can have multi-use for it, which is great for tiny spaces. Have it we just put it back here and we lower it, use it and then, on the as part of the desk, we have our utensils [ Music ] in our previous home. We had a bar and we wanted to figure out how we would be able to fit a bar in our tiny home because we enjoy hosting, and we didn't know exactly where - to put it in our tiny space. So we figured why not just build our bar as part of the access ladder for our son, so we actually ended up repurposing our material from our build and we ended up getting a wine barrel that we cut in half that acts as our bar and on Top of that, it acts as our ladder for our son's loft. Our son is actually probably the most minimized here in the house, that is his closet, his full closet space and this is his space. So this is the entryway into our bathroom. We ended up designing it as a sliding door to be able to save on space, but we also repurposed a lot of the material for this one of the things that we did to design. The bathroom is that we wanted to maximize the head space, so we actually didn't put a ceiling in here and we left that open and we ended up a ceiling or roof with rubberized paint for moisture control. We realized that we never utilized a tub in our previous home, so we left this as a stand-up shower. We didn't want to necessarily go the compost route, so we wanted to just utilize regular flush toilet. We actually ended up insulating the outside of the house to be able to leave this open for storage space. So, as a family, we we do a lot of laundry, so we wanted to be able to have a apartment, size, stackable, washer and dryer in our tiny, and we ended up wanting to utilize as much countertop space. So we ended up building our sink as a wall-mounted sink. So a lot of people that come into our house usually comment how big our bathroom is, and that was a very actually a very conscious choice. It'S one of the advantages of being able to build your own house and customize it to your own needs heading into our living space area. We ended up designing a special pace for our dog Bailey and that's where he spends his time, and this is where we spend a lot of our time - we're big movie buffs. So we ended up not wanting to downsize our TV. So we designed our house plus we'll be able to fit our big TV and we have our sofa that actually also turns into a bed. So when we have family and friends over staying here, they utilize this space, for it so through here is our bedroom and our office space. We utilized the space within our framing to use it as space-saving storage and we also designed so we can have space for our daily clothes or pajamas or shirts stuff that we use on a regular basis. And this is our home front also for our office. And I really enjoy working standing up and then here is where my wife is usually at, but the other great part about this being a bedroom is that we have our bed right behind this. So we have a queen-size bed here in a tiny space. The other thing that we did here is that we ended up. We have a door where we can close it, and we also soundproof did because being in a tiny space and being a husband and wife. We need that anytime. So this space allows us to be on the other side of our Sun, and up here is our multi-use loft. We use it as a rolling closet. We use it as a guest space. We use it as a reading nook and we use it as our tech brains of the art, tiny house. We ended up just kind of designing all these different things, so we can fit our shoes up there and I have a lot of clothes that I still need to get rid of, and here is my wife's side of the closet. So she has just a few more shoes than I do on my side and then this space also is used as our reading, though my wife and my son loves to read so they get to just come out here, where there's some quiet time and be able To read here being in a small space, one of the things that you need to be controlled is moisture. So throughout the house we have various sensors and we control that through this system here, that that essentially tells us what the moisture is in the house and then through this here. It controls when things turn on and turn off in the house to be able to control our weather inside and it's awesome because all the smart features of the house can also be controlled through our phone and we can access it. Whether we're inside the house or outside the house living tiny and then having our tiny house, it's it's a it's like a tool. It'S a tool for us to be able to have the type of lifestyle that we have now that we didn't have before it just allows us to be able to have that type of flexibility that type of intentional type of lifestyle that we choose to have. There'S only so much I can bring in, but that's a good thing, because there's so much materialism and there's so much consumption, because we are socialized to think a certain way and to grow and to buy and that's the norm. And that's what you're supposed to do and this sort of takes me back and it forces me to rethink that and to realize no. There is another way where we can still live gray and live happy [, Music, ] thanks for watching and subscribing, and make sure to hit that Bell so that you get a notification every time I post a new tiny house or travel video, [, Music, ]

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