Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Luxurious Tiny House Built For Family of 5

[, Music, ], hello and welcome. My name is Eric, and today I'm gon na be giving you guys a tour of this 20 foot tank house on wheels. It features a downstairs bedroom as a fully functional kitchen and dining area. It has a giant loft which allows it to comfortably sleep up to a family of five and case you're wondering it also has a bathtub so come along and join me and we'll go. Have a look: [, Music ]. So one of the first things that I wanted to do is to do kind of a fly around in the 3d model that I built before. I do any of these big projects like this. So let's go ahead and fly through that and I think it'll help you orient yourselves and kind of give you a general idea of the layout and as we fly through, that I'll go ahead and give you guys some specs on the technicals. So, as I mentioned, the home is 28 foot long, it's 8 and a half by 13 and a half, and it sits on top of a trailer made trailer designed specifically for tiny homes, and it features a combination of poly iso and closed cell foam on all Six sides: it has Andersen casement and awning windows with low E in argon. In the kitchen we've got tokete for zander. All the cabinet's we've got a washer and dryer combo unit. There'S a coat closet right inside the door. The table folds down by the sofa there for dinner, the bed lifts up for storage, the stairs lifts up for access to the utility area underneath so moving on into the bathroom. We'Ve got a composting toilet. I'Ve got a medicine cabinet that is behind the vanity mirror, and we've got a bathtub that is about 46 inches long in the loft area. We'Ve got two entrances, one is through the bathroom, as you see here, and the other one is through the dining room. As you see there back on the outside, you have Ursa Tech's PVC trim, which will not fade or yellow over time. The siding has a 200 mile per hour. Wind rating, the standing, seam metal roof means you have very little or no maintenance on the exterior of the home all right now, let's go look at the actual home in the front of the house. There'S a storage area and that's where your water hookup is your 50 amp electrical hook-up as well as your propane storage, so everything is protected and out of the weather, and another thing I wanted to just mention is this: home does very well on the road. So if you do feel the need to move it from place to place, it will do so, just fine okay, so let's go inside, shall we so this is the view that you'll have when you first walk in the front door. That'S a view from the main entrance and to your left. You can see the sofa that transformed into the dining area and I'm gon na go ahead and let some of this play and I'll jump back in in a little bit: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], you so here I wanted To point out the autumn and they go underneath the sofa and they raise up very simply so that you're at a comfortable seating height for the table and they also double as a quite a bit of storage. Under there, you [ Music, ], [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ], so moving on into the bedroom, you'll notice above the queen-size bed, there's a storage area, and that is a charging area with a USB outlet and that is to charge your devices at night in place Of a nightstand [, Music ], so moving on into the bathroom you'll, see the composting toilet there and in porridge towel bar, as well as the toilet paper holder, unique thing about this composting toilet is. It can be transformed to work much the same as the separate with the fan exhaust fan or it can be used as a standard bucket. It could also be used much like nature said, so it works very well in any of those configurations. [ Music ] in the shower area, you'll notice is very tall, so just about anybody can take a shower [ Music, ], [, Music ]. So the loft area up here could be transformed into whatever you would like. Really, the divider slash storage that you're seeing there is very easily removed along with the two twin size beds, so you could transform it into a child play area or whatever you would like. [, Music ], all right, so that's pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I have a tremendous amount of fun building this home and I hope you enjoyed you

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