Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Spectacular Tiny House Truck Made From Salvaged Materials

This next video is brought to you by skill, share click; the promo link in the video description to try it out risk-free for two months. Tiny houses come in all different shapes and sizes, and today we've traveled to this beautiful property here in Victoria Australia to meet a young couple who have built a lovely home on the back of a Biddeford truck [ Music, ] Frye's, hey doing nice to meet you How'S it going they're really good. This is such a great looking home that you've built. How did you actually come up with the idea of converting an old truck to live in I'm a carpenter, and I was working with a friend of mine, and so I worked with him for a few years and we built quite a few tiny homes on the Back of our bedford's and dodge internationals, so because of our situation on where we were living in a community, it felt like a good idea to build our set of one say yeah. Well, I guess we're both on a journey of. I was really all we're both getting into permaculture and growing food and in all kind of reducing our our impact on the earth and working out ways that we could live more in harmony with with the outside world, with nature and yeah. So we were living in a tent for a while and on the back of my car for a bit, my folks caravan for a beer, and then it just kind of got to the point. I'D had been learning how to build tiny houses and yeah just got to the point where we were like right. It'S time it's time to build something. So it was essentially a shell when you started, or did you actually construct the whole structure on the back of it? Well, when we bought it, it was um. It had actually like a white van on the back, because it was an old furniture removals truck. So we bought it from a really old Italian guy in South East suburbs of Melbourne, and it was his sort of pride and joy workhorse. So yeah a few tears the day we took it away and so yeah we pulled the white van off the back and and then we built like a timber frame on the flatbed and and then fixed down to the steel that was remaining on the frame. So what size is the hole? It'S roughly about 18 and 19 square meters, so the tray itself was five and a half meters. And then we've got like about 1,200 of the porch out the back, and it's about two and a half meters wide a little bit less 2.3 and have you found it quite easy to find places to park it yeah? The owners of the properties have been so open-minded and wanted to support sort of the tiny-house sort of movement. I suppose and wanted a community of sorts and yeah. It'S worked out really well, we saw a contribution of property at some level and I almost feel like part family, which is really lovely yeah. So, do you just pay a bit of money each week to be here on the property, or do you work on the property in exchange for rent or how does that work? Yeah yeah we've sort of had a really beautiful negotiation with yeah the people that are on the property, Jill and Andrew who are so open to us being here and supporting young people to do really awesome stuff that challenges the status quo. I guess is their thing, but we've worked it out where we both work an hour and a half a week, each and lucky enough. We both get to do the thing that we're passionate about I get to do. Gardening and AD gets to do building. So it's awesome, so I can see that even though this is a tiny house on wheels, you are still sitting in for the long haul here, because you build this deck here and I see you've also extended into kind of a kitchen area as well down there. Yes, a when we moved on to the property we'd actually been overseas for three months, so we didn't have much money. So we just scavenged material around the Surf Coast and pretty much just paid for screws. And then we built like the deck and the outdoor kitchen and the compost toilet and pretty much everything out of pallets out of pallets, which is a common thread nowadays and yeah. It'S just really what having the decks really changed. The way we use the space. It'S been awesome. You certainly cannot complain at all about yeah with the dam there and the rolling hills and the beautiful forest and the chief, Oh gorgeous, yeah. So a long cloth these days and tell me about the outdoor kitchen. Well, it's! Yes, we actually absolutely love the outdoor kitchen, but we because we've got the little kitchenette in the tiny house but um and we use that heaps in winter. But we did find having the outdoor kitchen is amazing, just like the free, inter and the space to sort of cook and you'll have lots of chopping area, but also like just dishwashing like the view for that. As a dish, Pig is just like fantastic and having people over as well yeah. It can definitely feel a bit tight in here. Sometimes it's very kind of bumping into stuff, so having the outdoor kitchen has made that real viable. Well, I really love what you've done on the outside and I'm really excited to see the inside. Can we have a cake? Look at this? Oh my gosh. This floor must have taken you forever. It looks great mmm yeah. It was a pretty epic journey this floor. So we bought a massive bag of offcuts from the timber mill where we were living for, I think about 60 bucks yeah. It was of loads of little bits and yeah for about 4 days straight, I was on the ripsaw roofing them all down into yeah 25. Mil bits to get all these little wooden bricks, basically yeah patent them all together. So a tremendous amount of work definitely worth all of the effort, because that looks amazing, yeah and especially now as well. Now we've lived in it for a while. You know, and you can kind of see the the oils of where all of our feet of walked and yeah. It feels really lived in yeah because the trucks about 80 to 85 percent recycled, so lots of the materials sort of have their own story. So it's like and they're all very natural materials, so yeah, it's sort of that like amplifies in the house, we think yeah and your kitchen space. This looks really great super functional. Tell me about it, yeah. So I guess in in the design of our house having a reasonable amount of kitchen space was really important because we both love, cooking and and we're just gon na use it a lot. So we've got quite a lot of storage. All under here, big cupboards. We'Ve got loads of storage for food and we picked up all these wine boxes as well off the internet, which are a perfect shelving. You know just boom screw it on. You'Ve got your shelves, carpenters, bestfriend, instant shelves and we've got a really low wattage fridge here, which works perfect for our solar system that the truck runs off, and you mentioned that you're on solar power. Here. How does that all work? And well, we've got 200 amp power batteries and they're under the couch. All the lights are running on 12 volt DC, so they're, I think 3 watts each and then we've got 480 what panels outside and it seems to work really well like we're. Just charging phones laptops that sort of thing and yeah we've got a little solar controller on the wall, which is really great, shows you how much you're using how much kilowatts you're bringing in and where the batteries are at and it's like quite a fun game of Just like -- all we're all yet when the sun shining, we know we can turn on anything, but when it's not some days, you know we'll have three or four days of barely any Sun. So we're constantly looking at the controller you know, can we use that and so over here we have your water. You have built quite a lot of clothing storage into the space Evan. You part of the whole sort of floor plan of the tiny was to have as much open floor space as possible, keeping the war driver and the kitchenette on one side and we and then we sort of picked that spot for all closed storage. Interestingly, we also have the steps up to the bedroom, which all have drawers in them too, but we find that we've, we don't after a few options of old clothes and stuff. Now we've got heaps of space yeah and then, of course, you've got the fireplace here as well. That'S one of our highlights of the track. We just love the fireplace we spend a bit more on it because I was looking on gumtree heaps and there wasn't many there head, I'm like a glass screen on the front, so you can actually see the fire and its really lovely in here when it's going. Isn'T it warms up quick, yeah, roaring off all the way and then you've got this absolutely adorable loft space? I guess we'd seen in a lot of other tiny houses where the loft or the mezzanine space was often a bit claustrophobic for Pharrell for what we wanted. Anyway, you know, or like people, try to use the space to have a lot of storage at the top as well, which we were thinking about doing. But then we ended up deciding to just have it completely open, which I haven't regretted since because it's just so nice to you have that openness and and be able to lie in bed and enjoy. You know the beautiful carpentry that adds done at the top there. As well of all the Aragon timber, so no toilet in here, we didn't really like the idea in such a small space of having the toilets so close to sort of the kitchen or where you sleep. We prefer to utilize that space in another way and just have a compost toilet outside and so wherever we are, we'll just sort of build a compost Doni outside and - and I guess, because we never planned for this - to be something that we would tour around in. You know, building a compost, toilet wasn't like would be building one every week, sort of thing you know we're gon na be stayed put for six months or, however long. So it's easy to knock up a a few pellets to make it come from you yeah. That definitely makes a lot of sense and what about showering? Oh porch out the back open Airport, so you want to come over. Look yeah! Look what a great little add-on! Yeah, we really love it. It'S super like rustic a bit of a homage to traditional timber framing and we love showering outside. So we thought well that's what we want to do for a tiny home and we're not bothered about jumping in the shower with people around it, so it works for us for yeah. We decided to have a bit of a double function as well, so we have still got a porch space, but we've also got a bit of a trap. Door opens up. That is such a clever idea. I really like how you've done that mm being open to the elements. Is it's awesome? Oh, it's definitely very very hard to beat an outdoor shower I'll, give you that yeah, so you've been living full-time in this now for about five months. How are you finding it? We really loved it. We were sort of chatting about that today and you know what is it that we really enjoy about a space and it's we sort of came to the realization that it's it's like a cubby house for adults or anyone. You know but like first, it's really fun to live in this space and like the fact that we build it ourselves and was so much reclaimed and reads materials and it's a really beautiful space. So the cost of this project. What did it actually cost to build? It sort of worked out roughly between seventeen eighteen thousand dollars, that's all up with the truck as well. Like I'm a carpenter, I worked on it full-time pretty much for about yeah just under three months, but we had a lot of friends come up and help us, which we absolute gratitude to like, with the building process of our our tiny house. We had a lot of our friends come and give their time to help us hang out with us and like create our home, the memories of building it they're, just so fun and happy, and they really like create the atmosphere in the house. Like all the time. It'S like their energies will live on in these materials and they just you can't recreate that. So, like I'm a dear we're, eternally grateful to the people that came and helped mmm there's a lot of people, a part of the story, isn't there yeah and what are your future plans? Now? We'Ve bought a little block of land ourselves, which is only like three minutes around the corner from this property that we're living on, which is really exciting and we're gon na be building. We'Ve designed and a straw bale house so we'll be living in this. While we're building that around the corner and and then there will be another transition and another more fun, so this has turned into a really nice dipping stone people yeah yeah, it's been, it's allowed us the ability to save more money and yeah, I suppose in power. So I was on a day to day basis and we just really love love being in this space mm-hmm. You have built yourself such a beautiful home here. I am so excited for you both now that you've actually bought property and are starting to build another straw. Bale home, hopefully someday soon, I am gon na be visiting you both in that one. Thank you so much for sharing this space with me thanks mate. Thank you. This is a really wonderfully designed home. What I really like about it is that the couple took time to figure out what was important for them and what they needed in order to make this space work for them. They knew, for example, that this wasn't a home that was going to be moving a lot, and so it was designed with the idea in mind that it would have all of these fantastic add-ons to the outside. In the end, this is a wonderful and functional home and even with a new house being built in the future, this home will always be a part of their lives, [, Music ]. I want to extend a huge thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video and helping to make our journey possible. Skillshare is an online learning community, with thousands of classes and designed business, music technology and much more with a Premium Membership. You can get unlimited access to high-quality classes on must know topics, so you can improve your skills, unlock new opportunities and do the work that you love. Skillshare is also more affordable than most learning platforms, with an annual membership costing you less than $ 10 a month as a photographer and a videographer, I find skill share to be a really useful tool. 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